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Welcome to the home of "The Dog Beautiful."  Are you ready for an adventure? Have you ever experienced a personal connection with animals?  Perhaps a perfect moment where your connection with an animal brought you to a place of clarity and pure understanding? Animals have much to share with us and lessons to teach us when we take the time to connect and take interest in the mulitple facets and perspectives that create their existence. When this understanding reaches into a deeper level, the result is a fuller and more meaningful relationships.

Our purpose is to explore and share unique perceptions, perspectives experiences, knowledge, information and insights in a holistic and non-judgmental manner, and it is our hope that a few of the topics will resonate with you and help you work to advance the depth of your relationship with your companions.

Please join us as we explore the various facets of our relationships with dogs (and other furry friends.) This site is devoted to those who enjoy a special connection with animals. This link is like an unspoken agreement that is unique and larger than life itself. The relationship works both ways and enables us to live fuller lives as well as cope with the challenges that cross our paths. Our pets have a wealth of knowledge and feelings to share with us. Their greatest gift to us is unconditional love.

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 "The Dog Beautiful" - Book 1

Posted on 28 sep 2019 by Theresa Wright, Ph.D.

The Northern, Nordic and Spitz breeds are indeed some of the most beautiful dogs in the world. One look into their eyes touches the depths of the soul and energizes the vibrant and spirited life-force that is as enduring as nature itself. The Northern Breeds are the primitive ancestors that adapted their behavior patterns to be able to cohabitate with people. This in turn unlocked the hidden genetics associated with domestication and resulted in the development and expression of new traits and variations such as size, coat, body type, temperament and personality. Primitive dogs that dwelled on the fringes of human society into trusting partners that specialized in helping mankind survive by herding, hunting, pulling sleds, guarding and providing companionship. They followed people as they travelled across Europe, Asia, Siberia and North American to become the foundation stock that evolved into the many treasured breeds of dogs that are loved and cherished today.

The way we relate to our dogs is framed by the dogs we’ve encountered and held close in our past. Just as our character is shaped by many defining moments in our past, we are also shaped by our ancestors and the genetics we inherited from them. Similar principles hold true for dogs in that fully comprehending true nature of the dogs we love is incomplete until we reach further into their past to understand their spirit, their nature and their character.  Today's modern dog breeds are woven from the very same fabric and genetics of the Northern Breeds. We never realized how many varieties were locked away inside of their genome until we brought them into our homes and our hearts. This book is an essential guide that helps us understand the ancestral journey our dogs have made as well as providing the keys to unlock, understand appreciate their true nature.Etiam nper.

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 Coat Color Genetics

Posted on 23 Oct 2019 by Theresa Wright, Ph.D.

The Coat Color Genes of the Northern, Nordic and Spitz breeds hold the keys to all of the colors and color combinations for all breeds of dogs in the world. This article examines the early genetics that formed the basis for coat coloration in dogs.

Coat Color dogs This article presents the basic genetics behind coat colors and patterns from solid colors (based on the Agouti allele) to blended shades and more.  White color patterns, masks, merles and dark ticking are presented. 

These colors and patterns occur in the wild, but tend to stand out and these unique individuals are usually lost due to predation.  This changed when dogs partnered with people, and the unique and different individuals stood out and became protected and sought after.  Humans have helped play a role in the expression of unique traits that have become part of the breeds we know and love today. 


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 Dog and Handler Evaluation (Humor)

Posted on 23 Oct 2019 by Theresa Wright, Ph.D.

This grid is to be used for the Evaluation of the Dog and the Handler at the dog show. This article was originally published (by the author) in 1994 in a National Dog Show newsletter. Enjoy the humor and see who you recognize at the various performance levels!

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