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Introduction to The Dog Beautiful       (Posted 13-Oct-2019) 

- Characterizes the book "The Dog Beautiful" and provides a short description of each chapter.

The Genetics of Coat Color              (Posted 23-Oct-2019)

- This article presents the early genetics that formed the basis for coat coloration in dogs.  Basic Medelian genetics are established for all coat colors, patterns, shades and more, starting with the Agouti allele.

Dog and Handler Evaluation Grid (Dog Show Humor)              (Posted 23-Oct-2019)

- This article was originally published (by the author) in 1994 in a National Dog Show newsletter.  Enjoy the humor and see who you recognize at the various levels!  

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The goal  is to provide insight and knowledge about today's modern dogs.  Providing balanced perspectives flavored with common sense observations that  are brought forward in a holistic and non-judgmental manner.  The intention is to inspire those who love their pets and enable them to create and enjoy relationships that are fuller, vibrant and more enriching.   There is always more to learn from our dogs and from each other. 

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